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Do You Believe In Visions?

May 23, 2009
Subconscious Religious Paradigms Must Be Removed

Erroneous Subconscious Religious Paradigms Must Be Destroyed.

I had a vision just now (a little after 5 a.m.).  I was standing on the deck of a ship. Out in front, ahead, was a large iceberg.

It was understood that given the size of the visible portion of the iceberg, the underside was even larger.
All of a sudden missiles began to fire, flying over my head from the ship and striking the iceberg.  As the missiles exploded, it began to break up into pieces and simply float away.
I believe that God is preparing people, like me, like us, like others in the Kingdom, to destroy subconscious paradigms that lie (no pun intended) between us and where God intends to take us.
I had the sense, in watching the destruction of the iceberg, that it would take “forever” for that iceberg to “melt on its own”.  But the missiles and torpedoes made quick work of it, and it began to float away in chunks.
Some of what is about to happen will not be subtle. But the resulting “clearance” in the minds/souls of the people of God will be tremendous and dare I say… SUDDEN.
Our forward progress can be accelerated, precisely because the THREAT of wrong theologies, religious constructs, and harmful, blocking paradigms will have been removed from our pathway. Our course… our Pathway of Purpose will be clear and we will begin to quickly move through points of destiny and toward our Destiny.
Amen! Hallelujah! The LORD be magnified!